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This beautiful 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bathroom Villa has 2 Master Suites - ideal for 2 families to share together. Situated just off the 192 in the prestigious "Windward Cay" development...
Featured Florida Villas
MICKEY'S PARADISE - 5 * Luxurious 5 Bedroom Orlando Villa with Pool & Spa on the Glenbrook Resort...
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Orlando's theme parks are fast becoming a haven for thrill-seekers in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush. Home to an eclectic collection of hair-raising thrill rides, Orlando offers pulse-racing experiences that plummet and spiral visitors through their vacation.

Whether you're looking to test the barriers of speed or see how many loops you can stomach, Orlando has enough heart-pounding attractions to impress even the most veteran thrill-ride fanatics. For the ultimate thrill-seeker be sure not to miss out on Orlando's nerve testing roller coasters.
At Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure, an adrenaline-lovers paradise, find some of the scariest roller coasters in town. You may turn green as you're shot out of a tunnel and go from 0 to 40 miles-per-hour in two seconds flat on the Incredible Hulk Coaster (54" minimum height), or face off on Dueling Dragons (54" minimum height) where you pick from one of two tracks and reach speeds of up to 55 miles-per-hour as you nearly collide into the other coaster.

For a little more rock with your roller coaster, head on over to Disney's Hollywood Studios for a ride on the coolest coaster in town. Join Aerosmith as they try to make it to their concert on time in this out-of-control cross town limo ride reaching speeds of more than 60 miles-per-hour on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (48" minimum height). Kraken (54" minimum height) at SeaWorld Orlando takes you on a heart-pounding journey at speeds of up to 65 miles-per-hour on the only floorless coaster in town with seven gravity-defying loops.

If all these loops and sound-barrier breaking speeds are a little too fast for your tastes, there are other roller coasters to test your bravery. The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World offers two roller coasters that pretty much the whole family can scream together on. Speed through space on Space Mountain (44" minimum height) or career through an old mining town on Big Thunder Mountain (40" minimum height). On Epcot's Test Track (40" minimum height) take part in all the tests of an automotive proving ground, including racing up to 60 miles-per-hour.

You can even find thrills without moving at all. Test out some of Orlando's simulator rides that will keep your energy rush up. Help Spiderman save the day at Islands of Adventure's The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (40" minimum height), a 3-D first-of-its-kind adventure where you'll feel like you're web-slinging right along side Spidey. Or blasy back in time on Back to the Future: The Ride (42" minimum height) as you strap into that famous Delorean and ride the movie at Universal Studios!

At SeaWorld Orlando board a "jet helicopter" and journey to base station Wild Arctic (42" minimum height) where you'll explore the frozen tundra and come face-to-face with live polar bears. At Disney's Hollywood Studios blast into hyperspace on Star Tours (40" minimum height) where you'll dodge the Death Star and fight intergalactic battles on this Star Wars-inspired thrill ride. Or take a trip into the human body at Epcot's Body Wars (40" minimum). Get minaturized and race through the heart, lungs and brain on a mission to save your fellow scientist.

If you're not afraid of heights - or free-falling, check out Disney's Hollywood Studios' Tower of Terror (40" minimum height) or Islands of Adventure's Dr. Doom's Fear Fall (52" minimum height). Take a tour of the abandoned Hollywood Hotel in a freight elevator and be dropped 13-stories again and again and again... Or Dr. Doom will whisk you 150 into the air only to push you down faster than gravity.

And finally, on a hot day in Orlando sometimes a water ride is the perfect way to cool off - if you're brave enough. Orlando's theme parks offer a variety of thrill rides that have a splash-tacular ending. At the The Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain (40" minimum height) takes you through a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day until your log flume splashes down five-stories into a briar patch.

Islands of Adventure's, Dudley Do-right's Ripsaw Falls (44" minimum height) takes you on an adventure to save a damsel in distress with a very splashy rescue. Or journey back in time on Jurassic Park River Adventure (42" minimum height) where you'll run from raptors and the only escape route is an 85-foot heart-pouding drop. Journey to Atlantis (42" minimum height) at SeaWorld Orlando where you'll experience a 60-foot drop as you race to protect the lost city of Atlantis.

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Source: With special thanks to FLAUSA and all Florida's Convention & Visitors Bureaus.
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